More than a white box.

Designed and engineered 100% by Volkswagen, the new Crafter is available with the ZF 8-speed automatic transmission as an option for the first time.

Crafter Highlights

Crafter Ready for the toughest jobs

Ready for the toughest jobs

Awarded the "International Van of the Year 2017" before it was even launched, we have built a commercial vehicle unlike any other. Specially designed in collaboration with our diverse customer groups, the new Crafter range offers customer-orientated transport solutions. It is packed with cutting edge technology, previously unavailable in its class. The result is an advanced, practical and efficient range of vans, single cab and dual cab chassis.

Crafter Volkswagen designed and built.

Volkswagen designed and built.

Apart from transporting materials, carrying workers from A to B safely and serving as a comfortable space to take a break, commercial vehicles are increasingly being used as a mobile office. So staying connected and operating smartphone functions safely is crucial. The new Crafter has been designed and engineered 100% by Volkswagen and is quickly becoming the new benchmark in vans for its smarts, practicality, comfort, safety, and engineering.

Crafter Engineered for you

Engineered for you

Defrosting fridge or boxy rocket? The Crafter's diesel engine is designed specifically for keeping your running costs down. Even with high mileage you can expect efficiency and reliability from the engine. The perfect match for the TDI410 is a choice of an 8-speed automatic gearbox with a torque converter, or a 6-speed manual gearbox with the new front-wheel drive.

Crafter Choose your size.

Choose your size.

The new Crafter van, featuring the widest sliding door with an opening width of 1,311mm, offers a loading sill lowered by 100mm. With a choice from two wheelbases and three roof heights, the load compartment volume ranges from 9.9m3 to 16.1m3 allowing for a payload of 1,417 kg for the Medium Wheelbase TDI410 manual. The new Crafter Single and Dual Cab Chassis form the perfect base for a wide range of specialist applications and conversions. With a sturdy ladder frame chassis at the heart of both models, as well as numerous task-specific options, our new Cab Chassis enables virtually any kind of body to be mounted.


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